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Luftaufnahme Hamburg/ aerial photo / Mediaserver HMG

Welcome to the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation!

We are the partner and central point for all companies, wanting to expand, restructure or relocate in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. We see ourselves as pilots, representing the interests of small and medium-sized companies within administration and institutions. Particularly in regard to commercial property, we offer comprehensive services also for your company. International merchant communities, industry networks and associations will find in us a competent partner, pursuing the interests of their member companies. In co-operation with industry networks and other partners, HWF developed and implemented several schemes to secure skilled labour at short and long term. »


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Newsletter, Brochures About the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, Key Economic Data


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Download Center

Download free brochures and find out what Hamburg has to offer as a business location. »


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Private Commercial Real Estate

Click here to acces the HDB – Hamburg Database for privately-owned commercial real estate. »


Immobiliendatenbank - Freiräume wollen entdeckt werden! / © Michael Nivelet /

Municipal Commercial Real Estate

There are many reasons why you should be interested in a city-owned plot or building. »


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GEFIS - Searching for Industrial Sites

Are you looking for a base for your company? Find the right location with GEFIS. »


Blau angestrahlter Hochbahn-Viadukt/ Commuter rail viaduct immersed in blue light / HMG

Economic Indicators

Impressive figures, facts and comparisons show why Hamburg is the economic powerhouse of an entire region.  »