What can we do for you?

We are the one stop agency for national and international investment in Hamburg as well as central partner of the Hamburg's economy on all aspects of business development. With our “Mittelstandslotsin” as key contact we provide custom-tailored support for small and medium-sized enterprises. We promote the business location Hamburg at home and abroad.

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The HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation is a private-enterprise consultancy company that specifically supports growing companies in their plans to expand, restructure or invest in Hamburg. HWF also is a driving force in the development of future-oriented industries: logistics, aviation, renewable energy, maritime industry and MITT (Media, IT & Telecommunication).

International merchant communities, industry networks and associations will find in us a competent partner, pursuing the interests of their member companies. In co-operation with industry networks and other partners, HWF developed and implemented several schemes to secure skilled labour at short and long term.

HWF: Our Main Tasks  

  • Bringing in international companies 
  • Supporting local business 
  • Cluster management
  • Marketing the location
  • Commercial real estate service

Public Administration Pilot

Promoting entrepreneurship and economic activity is a key objective for Hamburg. That is why HWF provides its services free of charge – a particular benefit for small and medium-sized enterprises. Specifically, these businesses will find an advocate in HWF’s Service for SME when dealing with government agencies and the public administration.For its clients, HWF is a guide and intermediary to represent their interests vis-a-vis the public administration, institutions and, in individual instances, political bodies – providing information on all regulatory issues and helping to speed up administrative proceedings.

HWF assists its clients in searching for and/or developing real estate, commercial space and other properties, under both public and private ownership. For real estate developers and investors, HWF is the go-to partner for gaining approval for and accelerating the implementation of large-scale projects. At selected domestic and international trade shows HWF organizes joint appearances with Hamburg-based companies.

International Enterprises/Locating in Hamburg:
The following, additional service is provided for companies seeking a base for their business in Germany:

  • Extensive locational information
  • Identifying suitable office and commercial space using HWF's Commercial Real Estate Service.
  • Help to set up business in Hamburg
  • Support in procuring residence and work permits 


HWF’s shareholders are the Hamburg Marketing GmbH, the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.