Development & Relocation

The HWF offers information, advice and support to the entire business sector, and especially to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as skilled tradesman’s businesses. Any consulting services provided by the HWF are strictly confidential and encompass extensive free services in the area of commercial real estate in particular.

Development & Relocation Hamburg

The HWF’s “Mittelstandslotsin” programme provides small and medium-sized enterprises in particular with advocacy in dealing with authorities and administrative bodies. Businesses can make use of the following services:

  • advice regarding property and sites for municipal and private commercial real estate
  • project development and industrial estate development 
  • real estate and project-related events
  • "Mittelstandslotsin" programme (special services for SMEs with regard to e.g. application and approval procedures, planning and building regulations, mediation)
  • in collaboration with the partners of the local support network: development and integration of skilled personnel, industry and technology-specific queries, access to regional, national and international partner networks

Commercial real estate services

The HWF offers a wealth of specialised services relating to real estate to help you find suitable properties. All services are free of charge and absolutely non-binding. In the field of real estate, the HWF collaborates not only with the City of Hamburg, but also with commercial real estate companies and brokers. The HWF compiles a selection of objects offered by various vendors, with relevant information and contact persons included – to help you cut down on your research time.


Administrative advice and support for Hamburg-based businesses as well as Commercial Real Estate Services: our team for Services / Project Development &  Location Management/ SME Services