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Not only the locals, but also many national and international investors and companies regard Hamburg as Germany’s most beautiful city. The great diversity of urban scenes, and waterfront locations with high identification power create spaces for a variety of needs. Genuinely international and cosmopolitan, Hamburg is the cradle of creativity, with a climate unique in Germany. By developing new locations, particularly at HafenCity, Altona’s (new) centre, or Harburg’s Inner Port, Hamburg further expands this position.

For commercial real estate investors in Hamburg, HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation is the first point of contact. HWF assists in the realisation of investment and development projects of local and international market participants and establishes contact with all other municipal institutions and authorities. Are you looking for a public property? Or would you like to get in touch with Hamburg’s chief planner? Ask HWF. Which district is responsible for the building permission? Who provides information on possible burdens or obligations of commercial real estate? Which private properties are on offer? Who arranges contacts to partners of the region? The experts of Hamburg’s Business Development Corporation are ready to help you.

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The Federal Central Tax Office operates a tax information centre which also provides support for foreign investors. The centre answers tax-related questions foreign investors are faced with prior to an involvement in Germany. A general overview is provided at Foreign investors can also access detailed information on specific issues through this site.